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How to Get Rid of Back Fat

how to get rid of back fatWith summer coming on there is a rush to get rid of any extra body fat in order to better fit into that gorgeous bikini. In order to accomplish that, women are causing gyms to hit overflow capacity and diet books to fly off the shelves. For those interested in how to get rid of back fat there are a few myths and some hard truths to deal with in order to lose that fat. However, it can be done if the person figures out a method that works for her and sticks to it.

The first major myth is that there is no such thing as “spot reduction”. The problem is there are no exercises are targeted fat-loss activities that can help someone lose fat in a specific area of the body; the body just does not work that way. When you start to burn fat it reduces all around the body at a roughly equal rate, and replaces a good portion of it with muscle. Although that is good news for those looking to tone up, it is a problem for those looking to eliminate specific areas of fat. As such, a general exercise regimen is much more effective and has the added advantage of eliminating fat all over the body while improving the cardiovascular system and building muscle.

The second myth is that all diets are equal. The reality is that not all diets are meant for everyone. Worse, some diets are only temporarily effective. The best example of the latter is “crash diets”, where the dieter is supposed to eat a vegetable soup and limited foods. Although there are guaranteed ways to lose five to ten pounds quickly, the loss is typically so-called “water weight”; it quickly comes back after the diet is over. Other diets capitalize on misunderstandings of new discoveries in medicine, such as the gluten-free diet; it may be great for those with gluten allergies but few others see any benefit. Other diets will trick the body into losing muscle mass. Sure people get excited when they jump on a scale, but this is not a permanent solution to fat loss and certainly will not help anyone to get rid of back fat.

Fad diets won't work to get rid of back fatThe third myth is that when someone engages in one of these “fad diets” they think that once they’ve lost the desired weight that the diet is over and that the person can return to their regular lifestyle. The reality is that without some major lifestyle changes the weight will return over time. Not only that, but the weight will increase beyond where they started because generally, these diets ultimately destroy the metabolism.

The dieter needs to figure out how to incorporate the changes into her lifestyle in order for the weight to stay off. For some people this will be easy and even enjoyable, but regardless of the pleasure derived the diet and exercise regimen must be maintained over time in order to be effective.

There are some exceptions to that rule, but that is because those diets are not only meant for the short-term, but they also hope to give the person a better chance at obtaining and then maintaining the new weight. The Atkin’s Diet is the best example of this, as the diet is useful for only six to eight months; afterwards the lack of carbohydrates and fresh vegetables can actually endanger the dieter’s health. It is thus important to know the limits of any given diet before taking it on, and to be aware that the person must take on healthier habits by the end of the diet in order to be truly successful.

Fresh Vegetable Diet to Lose FatWith that being said, there are a number of great ways to get down to a great weight and keep it. The first is to find a diet that works for your needs and adopt it. The diet will be hardest in the first few weeks, but it will eventually become second nature. The most dramatic weight loss should happen in the first few weeks, even though it may take a week or two to begin seeing it. Look for diets with controlled caloric intake, an emphasis on obtaining nutrients through food and drink and not diet pills and medications, and one that you are comfortable with; after all, you will be on it for some time.

The diet should be backed by a decent exercise regimen. It does not need to be one designed for professional athletes, but just good enough to get your heart racing and the sweat pouring. A heightened metabolism will help you lose weight as well as tone your muscles as well. The two combined will make you look even better in the bikini than you could ever expect, making all of the pain and suffering worth it. And of course, it will help banish the back fat.

No one is perfect. No one is going to eat perfectly and exercise perfectly. If you feel the diet is failing you must decide if it is because of the diet is for you or if you need to get serious about it. Eventually you will find something that works if you are serious about losing the weight and wowing people with your bikini. Even if you do not lose all of the weight you want to lose, you should lose more than enough to make it worth it, and a healthier lifestyle is always worth it.

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6 Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

Mom always said to eat all the vegetables at dinner, right? This remains excellent advice, especially when trying to maximize the nutritional benefit of every bite for weight control and good metabolism.

Many vegetables have what’s termed “high thermogenic effect.” That means they kick the body into high gear while they are consumed, and they have that effect as they work through the body as well. Nutritional experts have studied the best vegetables for weight loss and overall health and have come up with these fat-burners that can assist anyone toward a fired-up metabolism and superior vim and vigor. Other health benefits abound, too!

A Group of LentilsLentils

Any vegetarian will say include lentils in the everyday diet. Lentils are cheap, easy to prepare (no overnight soaking) and add protein to a meal.

Colorful (red, green and brown) and widely available, lentils possess lots of fiber which speeds metabolism and weight loss, aids in lowering cholesterol levels and evens out blood sugar because lentils slow carbohydrate absorption. Heart, bones and brain are strengthened by the legumes’ folic acid and iron. Their magnesium content slows blood flow for better blood pressure. Lentils also squelch that big appetite.

Alfalfa SproutsAlfalfa Sprouts

Without a doubt, diet experts state sprouting vegetables are little power plants packed with nutrients. Harvested just as they begin to grow from seed, sprouts, including radish, broccoli and alfalfa, have high metabolic rates themselves. That fuel-burning capacity passes to the person who eats them.

In addition, alfalfa sprouts are cheap, and easily grown at home, sprouting within days of washing and placing within a well-ventilated jar, bag or tray. Added to soups, salads and sandwiches, high-fiber alfalfa boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, the sprouts are a natural vitamin and mineral supplement, containing A, B, C, E, K, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous.

Chili PeppersChili Peppers

Beautifully red, plentiful and relatively cheap, chili peppers not only spice up salads, meats and sandwiches, they energize and fuel the body’s metabolic processes with a chemical called capsaicin. Of course, their fiber is high, and their calories are low which is great for weight loss. Beyond that, chilis inhibit the appetite, especially for the fatty, salty and sweet foods that make people weigh more. Studies show they aid in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. In addition, researchers indicate these vegetables might even affect fat metabolism at the genetic level.

Even more palatable mild peppers aid weight loss. Prepared as dried flakes, chili peppers may be sprinkled on salads and soups as a condiment, or try hot sauce.

BroccoliRaw Broccoli

A perennial dinner table favorite, broccoli is called a cruciferous vegetable which means it is related to cabbage. All veggies of this type are great at warding off cancer and inflammation. Regarding weight loss, broccoli is a winner, too.

Its fiber content is huge, increasing the feeling of fullness. The calorie content is low, and it stays a while in the digestive tract, entails some work to eat and is packed with minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamins A and C and calcium. Broccoli is one of the best fat burning vegetables you can eat.


Yes, it is similar to spinach, and like chili peppers, kale seems to positively affect the whole body and cells at the genetic level. It has a soothing, yet energizing, effect on the digestive system.

Curly and colorful, purple, black (Russian), red and green kale works well in soups, salads and sandwiches and is packed with weight balancing vitamins such as C, A and K. Kale also possesses Lutein which is great for eye health, especially in the important area of the macula. As with so many of these metabolic wonders, kale is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. It has more calcium than milk, and nutrition experts recommend it for green smoothies, a skinny, on-the-go drink for the weight conscious.

Bok ChoyBok Choy

This white cabbage, originating in China, has become more familiar in the West. Resembling celery at the bottom of the stalk and Romaine lettuce at the top, Bok Choy is great at providing weight-reducing bulk to the system and is an alternative to red meat as a source of blood-strengthening iron.

Bok Choy supplies vitamins A, C, K, folic acid and an abundance of antioxidant properties. In a triple-play of fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, Bok Choy has the important B6 vitamin.This Asian veggie may be used raw in salads as a stir-fry ingredient.

In general, the closer the vegetable is to its natural state, the better the nutritional value is. Remember,though, to wash all veggies thoroughly, even those that are grown with little or no pesticides. Sprouts must be rinsed 2 to 3 times per day when growing as they tend to mold easily. Stir-fry and steaming are better than boiling, and fresh is superior to canned. Juicing is a great way to add lots of vegetables to daily intake of these fat-burners.



The Health Benefits of Juicing

Health Benefits of JuicingJuicing is a healthy way to add variety to any diet, while getting the essential nutrients from veggies and fruits. Juices can be made at home or can be purchased freshly squeezed from the supermarket or a juice bar. Below is a list of the health benefits of juicing:

The health benefits of juicing are numerous!

  • It is a remarkable method of adding valuable nutrients that would not normally be consumed. Vegetable and fruit juices retain the majority of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are found in the whole foods.
  • The nutrients can assist in safeguarding individuals against cancers, cardiovascular disease and a variety of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Essential compounds known as anthocyanins and flavonoids are plentiful in various greens and fruits and they provide protection from oxidative cellular damage, which results from normal cellular maintenance and it is exacerbated by pollution and chemical exposure.

It is important to be aware of claims that individuals can only stay healthy through juicing and solid foods should be avoided or that juicing a substitute for medication prescribed for treatment of a medical diagnosis.

There is not an adequate amount of research available to prove that juicing should completely replace medicines or eating the whole foods. However, juicing provides an easier method of consuming them on a regular basis, especially for individuals who have a difficult time eating their fruits and veggies.

Tips to Ensure Juicing is Safe

  • When making juice at home, ensure that only an amount that will be immediately consumed is made. Juice that is not immediately consumed could harbor bacteria and result in food poisoning. The juice being exposed to pathogens like bacteria and air can not only reduce its nutritional value, it can result in illness as well.
  • In addition, the desired fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed prior to juicing; this will get rid of all the bacteria, pesticides and dirt. Ensure that the cutting board and all the other utensils are also clean. E.coli is an extremely dangerous bacterium that can be on fruits and cause illness. Only heat can be used to destroy E. coli; therefore, to avoid having to boil the juice and kill the enzymes, fruits and veggies should be thoroughly washed prior to juicing.
  • For individuals who would like to stick to a diet that is predominantly made up of juice or do a juice cleanse, ensure that a minimum of 2000 calories are consumed on a daily basis, based on metabolic needs. No healthy diet plan involves starvation. It is essential that the body receives an adequate amount of nutrients like vitamins, calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein

It should also be ensured that a lot of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are consumed to keep the digestive system functioning smoothly. Dissolvable fiber powder can be added to the juice, if necessary, along with solid foods such as pears and prunes.

Juicing for Weight LossBroccoliCucumberGreenJuice-850x567

Juicing can assist individuals in losing weight in a tremendously nutritious and effective manner. Best of all, juicing enables individuals to get rid of toxins while shedding some extra pounds. For those who would like to lose weight through juicing and maximize the results, the following characteristics of juicing will help:

  • Juicing can be a great appetite suppressant. Approximately 20 minutes prior to each meal, consume a glass of fruit or vegetable juice or a combination of both. This will lessen hunger and simultaneously supply necessary minerals and vitamins. Use dark greens veggies such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli, celery, carrots, cucumber and asparagus. Combinations can be created to further increase the intake of vitamins. This is great for any weight loss plan and for detoxifying the body.
  • Celery, cucumber and asparagus are also diuretics and ideal for weight loss, while garlic will work wonders for the blood pressure.
  • Spice It Up! Adding ground hot spices to the juice can assist in stimulating the metabolism. A few of the favorites are cayenne pepper, cinnamon and allspice. In addition, juices that have been made beforehand can be infused with whole spices.
  • Ensure that infused juices are strained for a more pleasant drinking experience.
  • Drink a tomato juice cocktail, without the vodka, as a Bloody Mary, complete with a splash of Tobasco and garnish.

Fresh foods have much more vitamins and a great deal less preservatives and salt when compared to frozen or canned foods.

It should be noted that more weight loss will be achieved by juicing raw vegetables rather than fruits. Fruits will make the juice tastier but the fruitier juices should be consumed in the morning. Fruits have a high content of sugar and could slow down the weight loss process. For other meals, a lemon and an apple can be used to mask the flavors of vegetable flavors like spinach or kale. Ideally, the juicing ingredients should be kept at 20 percent fruits and 80 percent vegetables.



Green Smoothies for Health and Weight Loss

green smoothie for health and weight lossGreen smoothies are becoming a popular drink because of the amazing nutritional benefits that each smoothie has to offer being stocked full of vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. People are also turning to green smoothies for weight loss as they are low in calories and huge in nutrition.

There are numerous green smoothie recipes that differ to the liking of the person making and consuming the smoothie, but they can be made with anything from leafy greens to green drink powders.  A properly blended smoothie will break down leafy greens, fruits and vegetables to release the phytonutrients that your body will immediately absorb on a cellular level.

A general rule of thumb is to make a smoothie that consists of approximately 60% fruit and 40% leafy green ratio unless green drink powders are being used. This simply makes it sweeter and taste better. Green smoothies are considered complete meals because of the nutrients and the fiber content. They fill you up and have all the components of a standard meal while being smooth and tasty enough to drink quickly for busy people.


Green Smoothie IngredientsGreen Smoothies – What to Put In Them?

Some of the common greens used for these nutritional smoothies include rainbow or Swiss chard, spinach, collard greens and kale. People create their own recipes and often add herbs for flavor such as mint or parsley in addition to the fruit to sweeten the mixture.

It’s always a good idea to use fresh raw produce and avoid canned or frozen fruits and veggies. Try using fresh, healthy liquids such as fresh juice, coconut water, or almond milk rather than milk or yogurt, which are common ingredients used in smoothie recipes. The digestion of the nutrients from the ingredients of each smoothie takes less effort to digest than a meal such as a salad. People might not finish a salad or gain all of the nutrients from the leafy greens in a salad like they would with the ingredients in the form of a smoothie. And remember, blending these incredibly healthy foods together in green smoothies makes them much easier to consume rather than trying to cook a prepared meal using the same.

A green smoothie has Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, and fiber. Additionally they contain carotenoids and foliate that helps the body fight muscle degeneration, heart disease, and cancer. Generally people do not consume the recommended amount of greens each day. Two or three smoothies each day will provide the daily, recommended dose of greens including the enormous benefit of chlorophyll. One calorie of chlorophyll is loaded with life-giving nutrients that feed the cells.  Starting a habit of drinking one green smoothie a day and slowly increasing the frequency will help you avoid any type of food allergy and eventually individuals will crave fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. And remember, green smoothies for weight loss is one of the best tools in your weight loss arsenal.

Green SmoothieUsing a lesser amount of greens might help an individual start with a green smoothie. There are other options in addition to adding fruit to enhance the taste. Healthy, natural options such as honey, agave nectar, or brown rice syrup that can sweeten the smoothie as more greens are gradually added, will help people that find vegetables distasteful. Bananas are a great natural sweetener as well as blueberries and strawberries. They can enhance the taste of the smoothie dramatically.

The same goes for the preference of greens whereas some greens such as cucumbers or celery are much milder than others. Other interesting additions can include citrus such as lemon or lime that can assist with alkalizing the body and even avocado that can add creaminess for a more palpable smoothie and also supply the important mono-saturated fats (the healthy fats).

People are drinking these smoothies because of the boost in energy and immediate absorption of nutrients that the drink can provide. Individuals have the ability to gradually introduce themselves to green smoothies with a customized recipe that fits their lifestyle. The smoothie is much easier to consume when it is blended thoroughly with a high-powered blender. Kale, for example, can be especially tough to blend, so using a quality blender can be important. The smoothie will be far more drinkable if all of the ingredients are liquefied into a creamy texture without any sort of chunkiness or coarse texture that will discourage a first-time smoothie drinker.

Green Drink Powders – Quick Green Smoothies

There are a variety of green drink powders on the market that offer a variety of health benefits. This includes variations of powders Green Powder Drinksthat can be switched regularly to provide an overall benefit to the body. Certain powders might provide more energy where others have higher antioxidant properties or detoxifying strengths for people to capitalize off the strengths of differing powders by switching mixtures on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There are numerous websites and health stores that carry various green drink powders.

The overall consensus is that green smoothies are a convenient way to take in the recommended nutrients that individuals should get from eating greens on a daily basis. Additionally, green smoothies for weight loss are becoming more and more popular. There are various recipes available online, but the greatest benefit is that smoothie drinkers can make up their own recipe that is personally customized for taste and nutrients. The amount of nutrients that come from all-natural green smoothies is immediate and the yearning for greens will continue to grow with each smoothie. Try a personal recipe and add nutrition and energy to your body on a daily basis.